DATE: JUN/20/2022


Reporter: Thank you, Manoj. As you can see I am standing in front of the regional head office of the Aachi Group. Around me are an untold number of protesters in an attempt to ensure Aachi revokes its recently implemented ad campaign. Here with me is a mind-witness and a victim of this catastrophe.

Victim: I had just come back from college after a long day. Amma normally uses Aachi Kuzhambu masala to make her Vathal curry. The ad is a little fuzzy but as soon as I had one spoon, I was transported to this weird place in my head. All I could see is Aachi and a lot of colors. I tried to resist it but it lasted for about a minute.

Reporter: Thank you. As you’ve heard, Aachi’s new ad campaign involves the activation of psychostimulants upon ingestion of their masala mixes causing hallucinations in the consumer. Though their R&D team has received praise for this ground-breaking technology, consumers are not happy with corporations toying ‘within’ their minds.

This is Mohan live from Little Madras along with camerawoman Fathima.