DATE: JUN/28/2022


I hope this works. I really do. This plan has been in the making for 6 years. I have gone over the plans multiple times. I know every pipe and every wire that runs through this building. Wow, I still can’t believe they chose me to be a part of this mission. What an honor.

sigh…God…this is nerve-wracking.

It’ll be fine. Don’t worry. It’ll be fine.

The recovery team is on standby. All I have to do is follow the plan. My Bindi will dispatch a live feed of what is in front of me to the technical team. They have my location as well. The Annapoorna at R.S Puram is one of their most secure facilities. Stealing their Sambar recipe will definitely land me on the Director’s good pages.

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Alright, this is it. The beginning of the greatest heist of the 22nd century. You got this. Sending out Electro-Magnetic Pulse in




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