DATE: AUG/3/2020


The whole new Fevikwik now sticks Space Metal. Just One Drop Does The Job.⁣

After decades of intense research and development, Pidilite has now launched the whole new Fevikwik Olympus. Equipped with latest metal binding technology, Fevikwik Olympus has shown remarkable results at the Pidilite laboratories in Asgard. Asgardians now don’t have to worry about fixing broken hammers or forging axes. All it takes is a single drop. This adhesive glue works within seconds to repair broken items, regardless of what material it is, corbonadium, vibranium, adamantium or even Uru. Little wonder that Fevikwik is the galaxy’s largest selling instant adhesive⁣

Fevikwik Olympus is available in a variety of pack sizes including a handy Rs.5 and can be bought at hardware stores, kiranas, medical shops, stationery outlets, and other outlets.