DATE: AUG/17/2020


Welcome aboard to the IRCTC’s Nilgiri-Shani Express. This new venture by the national railways cover new horizons by reaching to the extents of the rings of Saturn *Shani*. That’s right! It literally covers horizons beyond your vision proving again that the sky is not the limit.⁣

The Nilgiri-Shani Express offers a variety of bookings from the top of the line first class all the way to a typical passenger seat. One feature that the IRCTC takes special pride in is the extravagant view of the Halley’s comet from the train’s first class suites. Moreover, the newly fitted Solid Rocket Boosters provide 71.4% of the train’s thrust during liftoff and ascent qualifying it as a Super-fast express. The menu of the catering service not only includes the staple South Indian cuisine but also offers a range of inter-galactic delicacies.⁣

Due to the large volume of bookings, the IRCTC will not be providing the Tatkal feature for the Nilgiri-Shani Express. Bookings open 6 months in prior to departure.⁣