DATE: JUL/27/2022


Good evening, sir. I’ll be taking over from here. My name is Aamini and I am a Senior Sales Associate with Dindigul Security Systems. Oh wow, that’s such a nice red coat you are wearing.

Anyway, I hear that you weren’t happy with any of our Vault designs. I’m surprised that our Class 5-A Security Vault didn't fulfill your needs. Whatever you want to store must be that important. It’s none of my business. You have a need and Dindigul Security Systems will fix that for you.

What I will show you has to be kept confidential, so camera usage is prohibited. Even though it’s still in its prototyping stages, I want to introduce you to the Class 5-Z Kolam Armory. This one-of-a-kind vault uses premium rice flour infused with magnetic barium ferrite to produce a geometrical line drawing composed of straight lines, curves, and loops, drawn around a grid pattern of dots - essentially, a kolam. Once the system identifies the correct Kolam pattern, an electrical impulse is sent to the lock which automatically opens the vault doors with a bright flashing light.

Our R&D team is currently working on reducing the intensity of this light to maintain stealth. The lock and vault door can withstand up to 30 earth‐days of covert entry, and 10 earth‐days of forced entry.

A penny for your thoughts, sir?