DATE: JUL/13/2022


My life revolved on finding who they were. I had to know. It had been over fifty years since the last lorry had become self-driving. It had been fifteen years since I started my hunt for them. The last time I had the blessing of meeting them was when I was nine.

But they used to be everywhere. Their omnipresence was unparalleled. It’s like they were all an extension of a singular living body.

They could navigate through any road and through any weather. They were here. They were there. They drove on the tiniest roads. They drove on widest highways.

Their lorries were their homes. They didn’t have a fixed time for their food, sleep or rest. They undertook their journeys without any complaints.

They could carve shortcuts out in their heads and breeze through traffic like it didn’t exist.

Where did they go? How did they know what they knew?

Used Mixamo.
Footage: Documentary of Old Kerala 1960s