DATE: FEB/11/2021


Wouldn't you be ecstatic if 99% of your oral problems disappeared with a single snap? Yes, quite literally, the new line of K.P Namboodiri's Ayurvedic Toothpaste not only features the ideal natural herbs but also contain fragments of the infamous Infinity stones. Years of research and development has finally shown us a way to put these stones into a less life-threatening use. We, at K.P Namboodiri's, have redefined the meaning of 'Natural' and have extended the limits of Ayurveda far beyond earthly horizons.

The new line of Ayurvedic toothpaste uses natural herbs and stones from across the universe to solve all your dental problems with just a snap. The refreshing post-usage breath is insurmountable and when paired with all-day protection, it is just a delight! So dart to the nearest departmental store and claim your birthright to a healthy set of teeth.