Need for Speed India


As soon as we saw the work of @abhijitvinayak , we reached out and struck a collaboration deal. All we did was share a simple vision and it was truly an honour to leave all the 3D goodness and direction upto the artist. Here is a snippet of @abhijitvinayak x @kinkykashayam , watch out for something bigger tomorrow. ⁣

Buckle up. Hit the gas and hold tight. You’re in for the ride for your life. It is time for you to earn the right to be the most wanted. No tracks, no circuits, and no simulation. It’s all about the race. It’s all about your dream auto-rickshaw. It’s about taking to your ride to the limit and beyond. That’s right! This time it ain’t just fast cars but even faster autos.⁣

Speed past the lorries and evade the police jeeps to become the most wanted in the city. It’s all about nailing those perfect 200 mile-an-hour drifts, slamming your rivals off the road, and outsmarting the police in style. ⁣

Retrofitted with a double engine and a turbocharger, the player can draw the highest horse power from their auto-rickshaw. In addition, the throttle bodies, fuel injectors and the good old nitrous oxide make this upgraded auto a snack to all street racers.⁣

This Onam season, pre-order your copy now at a discount.⁣