DATE: JUL/16/2022


Once upon a time, it was a highly valued member of your wardrobe. Despite several warnings from your mother about purchasing ‘white’ clothes, you thought you were ready for it. You overestimated your ability to keep clean. That being said, you’ve had some good times with it. That one time when you were at Lulu mall and a passerby complimented you for your style. That was out of the world wasn’t it? You gave it the most decorated place in your wardrobe. A position that most clothes can only dream of. The hanger. While most of your clothes were folded in shame, this one hung above them all.

But as the saying goes, ‘Good things don’t last forever’. It was a cloudy evening. You are normally conscious of what you are wearing and eat carefully. But that dark evening, when your mom made a delicious sambar. You slipped. You caved in. When you noticed the stain on your t-shirt, it was already too late. You knew it was over. A sambar stain like that on a white cloth no surfel excel could clean. You mom was right. You weren’t ready for this. The t-shirt quickly fell the ranks of your wardrobe. No wearing it out. No hangers. Folded with the other clothes. Only worn at home.

Never did you realize that with every stain, the t-shirt only became more valuable as a symbol of comfort and home.