DATE: FEB/14/2021


Children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes a permanent impression.⁣

In 2017, a girl was fined Rs. 300 for speaking in Tamil by her private school. This is just a singular incident. On most occasions, students are made to stand outside their classrooms or made to run around their school ground several times. Such a form of corporal punishment for speaking in one’s own native language shows the contempt with which our own language is seen with.⁣

Private schools often treat Tamil in a very derogatory manner which might create a repulsion towards the language in these tender minds over the years. It is arguable that spoken English is a necessary skill in the modern world, however, English can be encouraged through speaking activities such as seminars and presentations. Instigating it through corporal or monetary punishment is the wrong way to approach it.⁣

So let’s come back to the real question, are we truly independent or are we still haunted by the ghosts of colonialism?