Selected Work, Last Updated 06.05.2024

Portable Black Cat Radar
(Machines That Respond to Superstitions)


(More research  documented on Instagram)

A design practice based across 
Coimbatore, New York & Toronto

Public Works Administration, 2024

Dezeen, London, 2023
Yanko Design, New York, 2023
MOLD Magazine, New York, 2023
Creative Applications Network, Berlin, 2023, San Francisco, 2023
Alt-Alterity, New York, 2023
Homegrown In, Delhi, 2023
The Near Future Laboratory Podcast, 2023

Coeval Magazine, Milan, 2022

Lokayata Gallery, Delhi, 2021
Homegrown Voices, Mumbai, 2021

Kaalpadukal, Dubai, 2020
The New Indian Express, Kochi, 2020
Homegrown In, Delhi, 2020