DATE: FEB/16/2022


Entammoooo! HOW MUCH LONGER???? I KNEW I shouldn’t have gone for my third round - a kalyanam doesn’t mean I have to FILL MY GUT. Okay don’t think about it. Easy, don’t think about it. Only if this KSRTC didn’t SHAKE so much I can stop thinking about it.

Just have to reach home calm down wait no not a block. Totally forgot about the traffic at Thirur. Should I get down at the next stop and go to some hotel?? No it won’t be clean. I’ll wait. Just wait. Once I get home, I will have a clean and comfortable throne waiting for me. Oh it’s gonna be heaven on Earth. Just look outside the window and think about something else *ee pandara speed breakers* JUST LOOK OUT THE WINDOW

Finally, my stop is here. Move fast. Why is this man moving so slow? Okay I’m out of the bus. Just brisk walk or should I jog? Actually, it’s better to jog. The slower I move, more chances Shobana chechi will notice me. Then I’ll have to talk to her. Okay I see my house. Few metres more. Let me keep the keys ready. Alright pulling through. DOOR OPEN, NOW RUN RUN RUN RUN, oh yes I’m here, look at that chakara kutty. The seat is going to be a little cold but it’s whatever ahhhh.