DATE: MAY/18/2021


MAYDAY MAYDAY!!! Eagle One reporting. . . . . We have a situation. Do you copy? I repeat, we have a situation. All units please be advised, Unknown Flying Object on the radar. ⁣

This is Eagle One. We may have a Code Yellow situation. Locking Target. Unusual chemical activity detected from the Target.⁣

Commencing structural analysis of the Target. Several high-energy elements and a Mercury Vortex engine detected. ⁣

Oh! wait a minute. Oh god!. The structure is strikingly familiar to the ancient Rukma Vimāna. This is not possible. This is a myth. It cannot be. Threat Level Code Red. Target is powered by high-energy Gold Chakras and transmitted by superconductors. The Rukma Vimāna is capable of triggering unsettling nuclear activity. All units fall back. I repeat all units fall back.⁣

Vimānas are flying palaces or chariots described in Indian texts and Sanskrit epics.⁣